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There was a tremendous response to our poll last week, which asked whether you preferred your Nokia device with a matt or gloss finish.

We had well over 1,300 votes and there was a lively debate in the comments section too. Now, we are ready to reveal the results.

Poll Results
  • Matt: 74%
  • Gloss: 15%
  • No preference, colour choice is more important: 11%

The poll suggests that a sizeable majority of Conversations readers prefer a matt finish. However, judging by the comments, many of you were clearly caught in two minds.



I have a red Lumia 920 and I LOVE IT but I voted for matt. I don’t like a matt red though. It will never be as sexy as my glossy Lumia 920.

Soren Fang:

Glossy finish is beautiful especially when you’re in crowded places and want to show off, but I prefer matt finish for daily use – give me a better grip and handling. I own black matt 920 and I love the stealth look in it.

Mihaita Bamburic 

It’s a tough one. I have a Lumia 920 right now, which I like. It’s the black (matte) version… I’d trade it for a red or yellow version any day, even though it would have to be glossy. So, finish matters, but only when the colour fits.

Finally, here’s a great comment, which not only sums up the poll but which also, probably unintentionally, stumbles upon why we’d all be lost without our Nokia devices!


The glossy looks better but the matt gives you a grip on life.