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Last week we had a super intriguing chat with photographer/urban explorer Kenneth Nguyen, who’s currently out documenting the hidden side of Copenhagen with his Nokia Lumia 925. Because we find ourselves totally addicted to his project, and don’t quite dare to climb up buildings in his footsteps, we asked him to send us pics of his adventures. And what pics he sent: morning coffee above Copenhagen’s main shopping street, the view from the top of the national football stadium, and some mindblowing, jaw-dropping sunsets (no editing, would you ever believe it?). It wouldn’t be fair to keep these to ourselves, so here they are for the world to see, accompanied by commentary from the man himself. Lumia925 01 “I often return to this particular spot as the sun is about to set.  It’s on the top of an old abandoned building north of Copenhagen looking over the old docks.  The view is absolutely spectacular, and It definitely beats sitting at home watching TV.” 02 Lumia925 “When I started urban exploration I was afraid of heights. So I started climbing buildings and forced myself to go closer to the edge. A little step closer each time.” 03 Lumia 925 “This picture is from the same building in North Copenhagen. The light hit the wire just right, and I was lucky enough to capture it on my Lumia. No editing by the way.” 04 Lumia925 “One thing I love about the Lumia 925 is the ability to take great pictures in low light conditions. This is taken late at night with me jumping between two big puddles, so it looks like I’m levitating. I had a friend of mine shooting this one, but you can easily do it yourself with an app like CameraPro.”   05 06 “Sneaker shots from high places are essential in urban exploration, but it is also some of the most dangerous pictures to take. You are focused on the smartphone screen, and the wind can easily get you out of balance. I sometimes have a friend of mine holding on to me, while doing these shots. Safety comes first.” 07 “Nothing beats having your first cup of coffee on top of the buildings in central Copenhagen. Here I’m looking down on the main shopping street of Copenhagen as people head off to work.” 08-1 “This was my first time on the roof of Denmark’s National Football Stadium. My next time will most likely be during one of the football matches. Can’t wait.” 09 10 “Carlsberg was founded back in 1847 and I recently got the opportunity to explore the historic storage area below ground. The big holes in the wall are where the fermentation tanks used to be, and they made for great effects when taking pictures with the Lumia 925.” Wow! was our first reaction when we saw these. You certainly wouldn’t think Kenneth was once afraid of heights. So, what about you? What would it take for you to take a sneaker shot of yourself at the top of the world? Tell us in the comments section and perhaps we’ll get our courage up, too.