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It’s small, smart and snazzy with a battery life to kill for: for customers on a budget, the Asha 501 is a no-brainer! If you’re still looking for reasons to switch, though, look no further. We’ve already shown you how the 501 is a killer games machine; today, let’s check out its sporting credentials! Here’s five unbeatable reasons why the Asha 501 is a must-have for sports fans…

1. Cricbuzz

Know your silly mid-ons from your silly mid-offs? If so, this might be the app for you! Cricbuzz (like the Windows 7/8 version, or the similar ESPN Cricinfo app, featured below) is your one-stop-shop for all things cricket, from scores and fixtures to industry news, gossip and ICC rankings, as well as text and audio commentaries, and photo galleries. Phew! A mobile version of the exhaustive (and exhausting), this ‘ll keep you glued to your Asha during, and after, the Ashes.


2. ESPN Cricinfo

Never let it be said that the Lumia customers have the edge: the folk over at ESPN have made a version of their kick-ass cricket info app for both platforms. In terms of news, stats and updates, it’s working the same ground as Cricbuzz, but if you’re like us, one app is never enough. ESPN’s selling point, though, is its huge database of player profiles and records. Got a favourite international batsman? Want to know how a couple of bowlers shape up against one another? Look no further to dazzle your friends with statistics! Get swotting with your Asha 501…




From the powers behind, this is a mobile app that’s got more soccer news packed inside it than a piñata stuffed with Real Madrid players. It’s got real-time access to all the website’s content, including videos, as well as live commentary, league tables, and a customisable interface that lets you choose your favourite club. It’s got exclusive interviews, competitions, and all the skinny on games at home and away. With your Asha 501, you’ll always be first to hear the latest transfer rumours.

4. ESPN F1

The fine folk at ESPN aren’t satisfied with just providing a killer cricket app; this is their Formula One app for the Asha 501, and it’s a good ‘un. It’s for F1 news from across the globe, which you can see in both English and French (bonus for the linguists). It’s got everything you might want: news about drivers, teams, races and circuits, and commentary for the races themselves, with a calendar of upcoming fixtures for fans who want to plan ahead. We’d go so far as to say that this app is in pole position…

Espn F1

5. World of Red Bull

Not just one sport, or two, but all the sports—plus festivals, music and news and video downloads. Whatever your hobby, the team at World of Red Bull has it covered. With sports from free-running to mountain-biking top of the adrenaline agenda, this app for the Asha 501 gives you all the news, updates and content you’ll be able to handle. Sorted!


Convinced? We thought so! But before you hotfoot to it your nearest Nokia dealer to get your hands on this sportiest of smartphones, let us know your thoughts! Have you used these apps? Are you, too, feeling the Asha love? Get commenting…