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Microsoft’s Bing is more than just a search engine to deliver you a list of web pages, Bing also delivers very specific content to your Nokia Lumia by way of Bing News, Bing FinanceBing Weather and Bing Sports – downloadable now, for free.

Rather than searching the Web for what you want, these Bing Apps make finding out about whatever it is that interests you much more convenient and automated; it does the work for you.

Bing News




Keeping up-to-date with current affairs and world events is something we’re all interested in, as they affect us all in some way or another.

Bing News delivers news from some of the most respected and leading news organisations around the world to ensure you get to read the most reliable stories on your Nokia Lumia smartphone. These include Associated Press, Reuters, The Guardian, New Scientist, and many more.

To read only what’s of interest to you, you can select which categories are displayed. The rest will be hidden from view.

You can pin Bing News, and also separate news categories or topics to your Start screen to really find those stories that are relevant to you.

Bing Weather




Almost as important as ‘the news’, is the weather. We can’t avoid it; it’s all around us.

Bing Weather informs you what it’s like outside, by giving you temperature readings, informing you if it’s ‘mostly cloudy’, with the addition of the daily low and high temperatures. It’s this type of information that helps us decide whether to grab a coat or not as we leave for work.

With daily forecasts you’ll always know if you need to change plans for that BBQ you had planned for a few days’ time, or if you were planning a beach day, maybe leave it for the following week if it’s going to rain.

If you have relatives in, or if you travel regularly to, other parts of the world, you can add more cities to stay informed of the weather.

Bing Finance




If you’re interested in the stock markets, whether just a casual investor or a hardcore buy-sell, buy-sell, buy-sell type, then Bing Finance is definitely for you.

Bing Finance keeps an eye on the markets from around the world in a really simple way; it shows you if they’re up or down, using red or green graphs.

If you’re interested in specific companies, add their symbols to the watch list to see their progress.

Each company symbol can be added to your Start screen as a Live tile, so you’re always just a glance away from sell, sell, sell!

You can also keep an eye on the value of commodities, as well as currencies – with an added bonus of a currency converter.

There’s also a little news section that deals specifically with all the financial news.

Bing Sports




If you want to know the latest news on your favourite sports or sports team, Bing Sports delivers.

As well as news, Bing Sports gives you details on team statistics, from a wide variety of sports, including football, American football, tennis, basketball, cricket and more.

Pin your favourite teams to your Start screen to jump straight in to the sporting action.

What’s your favourite Bing App? Share your thoughts on them using the comments section below.