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JobLens makes looking for the latest jobs in your area a lot easier, using augmented reality to show you where and exactly how far vacancies are from you. The app also works in tandem with your social networks to tailor the experience especially to your needs, and it’s a must-have app for anybody wanting to keep up to date in the job market.

When you use JobLens for the first time you’ll need to log into some of your social network accounts, with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter topping the list. You can also log into SkyDrive if you want to access an online CV, and the information gathered from these sites makes it easier for JobLens to offer roles that suit your skillset.

Open the app and you can swipe between five main panes: Find a job, My network, Recommended, My saved jobs and Resources.


Find a Job offers three different ways to search for vacancies, using a search bar and picking between an augmented reality viewer and map view. Tap ‘Augmented viewer’ and you can explore jobs and companies nearby.

Move your phone around and you’ll see jobs in different directions, with the job title, company name and distance all showing up. Click on a job and the app provides a lot more information, with an overview of the vacancy showing up. If you think the job is for you, click ‘More’ and you’ll be taken to the job advert itself.

Find a job makes it easy to search by job title or type – just enter exactly what you’re looking for into the search bar, and the app comes up with a list of suggestions.


When you have a job page open you can do a number of different things, including saving the job to view later on, getting an overview of the company, or even looking for connections in your network that already work for the organisation.

JobLens provides neighbourhood information, and directions to the job itself, and you can even get augmented reality directions, with a big arrow overlaid on your screen.

That’s just scratching the surface of JobLens though, with the app providing loads of additional extras to help you find the perfect job. My Network scours your social networks to help discover jobs that are relevant for you or where you may already know people. You can also check through all your connections to see where people are working.


Recommended does exactly what it says on the tin, providing plenty of different options that could suit your requirements. With a big list of jobs, I found some were ideally suited for me, but equally there were others that didn’t match my qualifications or experience.

JobLens is also a fantastic app if you’re just setting out in a career, providing plenty of information to help get you started. If you don’t know what you want to do, the ability to search the local area for jobs that are nearest to you comes in particularly useful.

Resources is also a great tool, letting you search for different careers and providing statistics on salaries, offering details of companies and providing information about the demographics of different towns – the latter offering plenty of potential for those about to move to new locations.

JobLens is currently available in the UK, US and Canada, with more locations to be added in the future.

Have you used JobLens app already? Let us know in the comments below.