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Lenny B's Start Screen

Lenny Bonsignore is the owner and editor-in-chief of, a website he founded in 2010.

In his own words: 

“My first love has always been for Nokia devices, going back to 2003. They always had the best reception and call quality, and I really wanted to write about what I was passionate about and that’s Nokia.

My current devices are a white Lumia 1020 and two Lumia 920s in yellow and cyan. I love my Lumia devices: I love the smoothness of the OS, the build and the color selection. I am also a big camera guy and love to take shots of my son, so once the Lumia 1020 was announced I knew I would be all over it.”

Here, Lenny talks us through his Windows Phone 8 Start Screen.

Lenny's start screen

Which apps have you prioritised and why?

The apps that I prioritize and keep towards the top of my screen are Twitter for social networking and keeping me up to date with current events. 

I also have a NokiaInnovation room tile as well as an email tile so I can stay in contact with my team, as well as family, and respond to text, requests or blog issues. 

I also use the Daily Bread & Bible apps because I am a Christian and try to keep the word of God as close to me as possible.

What app or apps do you use to pass the time?

ESPN Hub for the latest sports updates and news about my favourite teams. I also have the ESPN Fantasy football app because I am in a few fantasy football leagues and this keeps me up to date with current, trades, injuries, stats etc.

On the media side of things I use apps like Netflix for watching some TV shows or movies while I am waiting for my wife in the car. Spotify, as well as Nokia Music, quenches my thirst for music. 

Flash Videos ($4.99) is another application that has current movies and TV shows available at the drop of a bucket, although they’re not always the greatest of quality.

Lenny B

What’s the last app you paid for? 

The last app I paid for was Simple Calendar. I love the fact that it’s much more customizable than the pre-installed calendar and shows up to five events on the lock screen.

Which app or apps is your guilty pleasure?

Angry Birds Star Wars ($0.99), mainly because my 4-year-old old son always plays it and asks me for help when he can’t complete a level. I also love Nokia Smart Cam, for messing around with the settings and enhancing my pictures.

Start screen