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The Nokia Asha 501 ain’t just a pretty face, you know! And it’s not just a pretty battery, either, though with stamina like the Asha’s, the Duracell Bunny is hopping scared…. Nope, the Asha is the real deal: heavy on features and light on price. And those features aren’t all about entertainment—some of them are productivity tools par excellence. If you want to stay in the loop, plan your day and keep the creative juices flowing, then the Asha’s the phone for you. Read on…


1. CNN App for Series 40

Your daily news injection, in the form of a user-friendly and comprehensive app. The folk at CNN have bundled all the breaking stories and videos here that you’d except from a news app, but the killer detail? You can submit your own exclusive reports with the iReport function, and the CNN team will feature the best stories. So the Asha doesn’t stop at letting you keep to up the minute with world events, but it actually gives you the chance to try your own hand at international journalism!


2. The Weather Channel

What’s the good in planning your day if you don’t know whether it will rain or shine? The Weather Channel app is just the thing for the busy smartphone-user-about-town, with its short- and long-term forecasts, handy maps and severe weather warnings for those rather inclement days. The interface is attractive and it’s easy to use—a great addition to the Asha portfolio.



3. Pictelligent Camera 5-in-1

For all the hardworking creatives out there, this is a photography app to die for. Whether you’re a professional shutterbug or a snap-happy pleasure-seeker, this multi-purpose gizmo will suit you. It’s got kickass retro filters, collage display options, and it lets you blend your favourite shots into one big super-pic. Unleash your creativity and document your day in style with the Asha 501!



4. Wiki Encyclopedia

For everything from fiendish quiz questions to serious need-to-know facts, we all head straight to Wikipedia. In fact, we can barely imagine the world before this user-edited knowledge database exploded into our lives: if you’re in the know, you’ve checked it on Wiki. This convenient app gives you full and immediate access to Wikipedia without having to navigate a browser. It’s quick and easy—an education in an app, and it’s on your Asha.



5. Vuclip

Any self-respecting mobile user has a video app of choice, and this is ours for the Asha 501. Access all the videos you want online—movies, music, take your pick; if it’s on the internet, we’ve got it. News, documentaries and the latest viral vids: you’ll always be one step ahead of the crowd with this in your toolbelt.


How does your phone keep you in the know? And what do you think of the Asha 501? Let us know in the comments!

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