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There’s tons of creative ways you can play with your photos on a Nokia smartphone but one technique that can look brilliant is collage. First used by the Chinese after the invention of paper way back in 200 BC, this artistic mash up still has the power to wow more than 2000 years later. To see for yourself check out these awesome Nokia smartphone collage shots taken by Facebook’s finest mobile photography group, Nothing but a Nokia.


By Dávid Detkó

Nosyaj Zeuqram5

By Nosyaj Zeuqram


By Patrick Walsh

Harish Prabu

By Harish Prabu

David Hkm

By David Hkm

Sankar Snkr

By Sankar Snkr

Sakdichote Quartermaster-Artillery Totiam

By Sakdichote Totiam

Czarek Dziadurski

By Czarek Dziadurski

Akmal Hisham Ismail

By Akmal Hisham Ismail


By Harish Prabu

Nosyaj Zeuqram4

By Nosyaj Zeuqram


By Harish Kumar


By Vutha Dí María


By Patrick Walsh 

Nosyaj Zeuqram3

By Nosyaj Zeuqram

We’re massive fans of all these photographs, but what about you? We’d love to hear about the shots you love best, or see some of your own collages, in the comments below.

Title image: Dávid Detkó