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Zinio, the world’s largest newsstand, is now available on your Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8.

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    1.    Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
    2.    Scan the QR code
    3.    Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
    4.    Install the application from the Windows Phone Store[/do]

The app transforms your favourite magazines, whether they are about news, politics, technology, art, style, travel or anything else, into an attractive and accessible digital format that you can read on your smartphone.

The Zinio app for Windows Phone 8 offers a number of exclusive features that aren’t currently available on other platforms, and we’ve been talking to Jeanniey Mullen, Zinio’s EVP, Chief Growth Officer, to find out more.

Jeanniey explains, “Microsoft and Nokia partnered to provide an opportunity to show how great magazines could look on a mobile phone by leveraging all the capabilities and features Windows 8 has to offer.

“Our Windows Phone 8 app puts readers’ favourite magazines at their fingertips, encouraging content snacking while on the go. We jumped at the opportunity to create a new look and feel for the Zinio app that incorporated the recommendations and comments from our fan base.”



Discover content

Another great advantage of Zinio is that you’ll find that it’s a great way of discovering new and relevant information.

“Unlike traditional newsstands where you simply buy and read magazines, with the Zinio app readers can indicate their favourite content areas. Then, based on their interests, they will see relevant articles from our 5,500+ magazine catalogue for free,” says Jeanniey.

Zinio provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to reading magazines too. Access your magazines on your Nokia Lumia, and set bookmarks so you can continue reading where you left off even if you switch between devices.


You can also access your Zinio content through your web browser. “Zinio helps people connect with the magazines that deepen their interests,” adds Jeanniey.

“Downloading the Zinio app provides lots of free magazine articles to discover new interests. If you love doing anything, Zinio will have a magazine for you – from fly-fishing in different countries, to holiday planning around the world.”


New Features

So what’s new with Zinio? Here are some of the features on offer for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 owners:


Select your interests

Once you’ve downloaded Zinio, make sure you select all your interests, and you’ll be able to discover a whole new range of magazines from around the world. You’ll also have access to a list of suggested content that fits your interests.



Reading List

And if you do like lots of magazines, the Reading List feature is ideal. It lets you keep tabs on all your latest downloads, along with providing free recommended articles.



Nokia Lumia owners can read articles and magazines online and offline using the Reader app, and if full colour proves too much, you can also select a text-only version.



The Newsstand feature makes it easy to find all your favourite titles, downloading single issues or signing up for subscriptions.




Love a particular magazine? With Zinio you can now access the latest titles, and review back issues for future reading. 



‘Pin’ takes full advantage of Windows Phone 8’s stunning Live Tiles, and it’s intelligent too. Rather than just an icon, the app can display covers from your library, information on single issues and you can also bookmark specific articles.


Wi-Fi download

There are plenty of situations where you won’t have access to a mobile phone connection, but still want to read your magazines. Zinio’s Wi-Fi download lets you download your entire library, and browse when you’re at home or on the move.