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Social Media Week reporter winners

Two weeks ago we gave you the opportunity to become one of our Social Media Week reporters. The lucky winners have been invited to leave their homes and travel the world to cover the events armed with the imaging powerhouse that is, the Nokia Lumia 1020. So, here are the winners and a reminder of who will be traveling where!

United States > Berlin

  1. Henie Reisinger – a self-proclaimed ‘social media idea’, Henie’s passion for photography and conversation will be put to the test over in Berlin, but in the Lumia 1020 we trust! Congratulations Henie, have a great time! Henie’s submission
  2. Barbara Rozgonyi – a Social Media Week speaker in 2012, Barbara is ready to take it to the next level by joining the party in Berlin, and we can’t wait to hear all about it. Congratulations Barbara! Barbara’s submission

Germany > Los Angeles

  1. Sylvia Johanna Julia – sharing the world through her eyes is what Sylvia lives for, and with the Lumia 1020 she will be able to capture more than your eyes can see! Congratulations Sylvia, enjoy Los Angeles! Sylvia’s submission
  2. Michael Roth – founder of Social Media Club Karlsruhe, Michael is keen to travel to Los Angeles to cover everything with his Lumia 1020. Well done Michael, enjoy your time!
tom k

Image submitted by Thomas Kakareko – imagine what he’ll do with a Lumia 1020!

United Kingdom > Mumbai

  1. Zaneta Denny – a self-confessed marketing and social media junkie, Zaneta intends to share revolutionary social media ideas with her readers in a clear and concise way. Congratulations Zaneta, enjoy India! Zaneta’s submission
  2. Jessica Hodkinson – keen to share and improve her marketing knowledge, Jessica intends to capture every moment with her Lumia 1020. We can’t wait to see that! Congratulations Jessica, safe trip to Mumbai! Jessica’s submission

India > London

  1. Ashish Mohta – expert Lumia user Ashish will surely be teaching everybody on the ground a thing or two about using their Nokia for their social media needs. Well done Ashish, have fun in London! Ashish’s submission
  2. Akshay Aggarwal – another extremely passionate Nokia user who will bring his expertise to the table at SMW13. Akshay will be sharing his thoughts throughout from Twitter, so don’t miss it! Congratulations Akshay, enjoy London! Akshay’s submission

Please join in and congratulate our #SMWreporter winners in the comments section and make sure you follow their journey and support them throughout the events. You can follow them all on this handy Twitter list! Social Media Week kicks off on the 23rd of September and will close on the 27th, learn more at