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The last time we met Christopher Westerholm was a few months ago when he created a cinema-style movie on his Nokia Lumia 920. Today, he’s back again with another movie filmed entirely on his Lumia 920.

In the previous video, we saw Christopher elegantly sweeping his camera through a stunning Swedish landscape.


Most of that video was filmed using specialist rigs and big equipment, but in this new video, Christopher decided to lose some of the kit and go free hand.

That’s not to say that no equipment was used, but most of the footage was filmed by just holding the phone and taking advantage of the Lumia 920’s OIS (optical image stabilisation) function to produce a smooth and steady video.

In this new video, there’s a similar backdrop to the first. There’s a large expanse of water involved, and a person gazing longingly into a never-ending distance.

Christopher has also included a time-lapse scene that sees the sun pass across the sky over a meadow filled with flowers.


As with the previous version, Christopher’s added a soundtrack that compliments the video perfectly.

What do you think of Christopher’s new video?