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More than a billion and a half individuals have owned a Nokia device at one time or another. That’s an incredible amount of experiences shared and enjoyed thanks to Nokia technology. It’s no surprise then that when news of Nokia’s latest reinvention broke last week, people got emotional, us included.

A man of words

However, as far as we know, only one person wrote a poem to celebrate their relationship with Nokia devices. Put your hands together for Aniket Santani. In the last few years, we’ve promoted all sorts of amazing creative endeavors in many different fields, from filmmaking and photography to art and design. Yet, not once, as far as we can remember, have we showcased poetry. Today that’s all changed.

Please sit back and enjoy Aniket’s words, shared by Tuấn Thái on our Nokia Facebook page.

Since the time I loved the chimes,
My ears glued only to your voice.
Since the time I held you,
I have never even thought twice.

Since the time I saw the world through your eyes,
I trusted you more than my brain.
Since the time I got your vibes,
I never felt the same again.

Since the time I knew your touch,
I didn’t care about the world as such.
Since the time I learned to explore,
You never let me hit the floor.

Since the time I knew your world
I knew only of your hustle.
Since the time I learned to communicate,
I knew only about your whistle.

For last 10 years or so,
You never let me alone.
You were there when I lost my way,
To Drive me through, to let me have my say.

You may have been adopted,
But you will always be my game.
You may have left us orphan,
But you will never have the blame!

You may have your own reasons,
But the loyal never cease the action.
You may have decided to stop running,
But the journeys matter not the destination.

And the journey has been the most beautiful,
The journey of Connecting People!!
Maybe, we have lost the Brand.
But, Nokia!! You will never lose this Fan!
End of an Era!!

We’re not poets and we know it

When someone takes the time and effort to write such a moving tribute, we think it’s only right to respond in kind. While poetry isn’t a key area of expertise here at Nokia, we gave it a shot nonetheless. We know it’s not Wordsworth, but we hope you appreciated these words, the sentiments behind them and the message that Nokia is here to stay.


People like Aniket and Tuấn show what amazing fans we have worldwide. Time after time, they surprise us with their passion. Poetry is one fantastic medium for doing that, but what other creative ways do you know of people highlighting their enthusiasm for Nokia?

Let us know, in verse if you feel the urge, down below.

Image credit: V. H. Hammer

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