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In addition to the bright, stylish design, intuitive interface and comprehensive set of features, the Nokia Asha 501 is also a great handset when it comes to gaming. Read on to see ten of my favourite games for the Nokia Asha 501.

Adventures of Ted 2


Adventures of Ted 2 is incredibly addictive, and the game will hold plenty of appeal for fans of older Nintendo devices and lovers of a certain Italian plumber. It’s a 2D platform game, and as you run and jump through the worlds you’ll need to avoid snakes (or jump on them to kill them) and other creatures and collect coins. It looks good, and we could spend hours playing it.

Super Snake Pro

Super Snake Pro follows in a long line of Snake games on Nokia phones and this version is just as much fun as any. The basic premise is still the same – slither around looking for food, with your snake getting longer each time you eat, and you still need to avoid slithering into yourself, walls or other nasties. This time Super Snake Pro adds attractive, colourful graphics to the mix, and it’s a compelling combination.


Snooker offers something completely different from Adventures of Ted 2, but it’s definitely no less addictive. You’re presented with a birds-eye view of the table, and there’s a power bar to determine how hard you hit the cue ball. In addition to snooker, you can also choose to play pool.

MotoGP 2012

As the official game for the MotoGP World Championship, you’ll be able to ride as any one of the 21 MotoGP riders, from Valentino Rossi to Casey Stoner. All 18 tracks from the championship are included in MotoGP 2012, and playing it is a lot of fun.

Adventures of ZombieMan

Once we picked Adventures of ZombieMan up it was difficult to do anything else for the next hour. Your role is to stop ZombieMan from falling to the floor – and you can fire strings to attach onto different things throughout the level. The further you go, the smaller the targets to attach your strings to, increasing the chances of ZombieMan falling to the floor.

Frozen Penguin

Your favourite penguin is frozen in a block of ice, and it’s your job to help him (or her) to escape. This involves dropping another penguin on the ice to crack it, with various different challenges in the way that you have to overcome.

Flick GolfNokia-Asha-501-games-3

Use your finger as a club with Flick Golf, and swipe on the Asha 501’s screen to hit the ball. The aim is to get as close to the hole as possible (or in it), and it’s a game that once started, we just can’t put down again.

Sky Burner

Games like Frozen Penguin offer a challenge you have to think about, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and attack! With Sky Burner you can do exactly that, taking to the skies and shooting enemy planes, bombers and anything else that appears on screen. The action is fast-paced and it’s easy to become immersed in what’s going on.

Border War Enemy Territory

With your character placed on the border, your job is to protect it, and shoot any enemies who make an appearance. It’s a game of reactions, seeing where people pop up and trying to shoot them before they shoot you, also avoiding any innocent civilians. Border War Enemy Territory looks good, and it’s a pleasant way to spend a spare 20 minutes here and there.

Champ Motorbikes 2013

MotoGP 2012 isn’t the only decent bike game around for the Nokia Asha 501, with Champ Motorbikes 2013 making a good backup. The graphics look great, and the gameplay is smooth and fast. You can collect points by winning races, and you can also buy upgrades to make your bike faster.