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The Nokia Lumia family just keeps on growing.  The latest addition, the Nokia Lumia 625, was certainly born big: with a 4.7 inch screen we just knew it was bound to get noticed. And so it did. Here’s our roundup of the love Nokia Lumia 625 has been getting from the interweb’s finest tech blog so far. Needless to say, we share these guys’ and girls’ opinions and we hope you do, too!  

 “Buyers on a budget are unlikely to find a better deal anytime soon.”



“The phone is largest Lumia Nokia has built, at 5 inches tall with a 4.7-inch screen. At that size, you have a lot of screen to work with, yet the phone is still small enough to slip into a pants pocket or purse.”



“The 625 is everything we’ve come to expect from Nokia, especially its lower-end Lumias: it’s simple, colorful and fun.”



“Want a big screened device? Get the Lumia 625…”



It can take plenty of calls, app use and internet browsing without taking a massive battery hit, something rarely seen on modern day phones.”



“[Nokia Lumia 625] comes with a playful ethos thanks to the return of interchangeable covers and the same glut of Nokia fun on board. This means Mix Radio to get free music on the go, Nokia’s Here mapping service to get you from A to B without munching on reams of data (important with 4G) and the new Smart Camera for more interesting pictures to plop on Facebook.”



“Overall, Nokia has managed to squeeze an awful lot into the Lumia 625 for such a modest price … we have no hesitation in giving it a richly deserved Recommended award.”



“Under-the-bonnet there’s a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor which keeps things ticking along nicely; screen lag was thankfully absent and scrolling around was certainly smooth.”




“It’s the only entry-level handset to offer 4G and that alone makes it worth buying if you want 4G but can’t afford to shell out for a premium smartphone.”



“[Nokia Lumia 625] feels nice in the hand and build quality is much higher than we would normally expect from a budget handset.”


It seems that if you want a device that’s affordable yet stylish, fast as a shark yet doesn’t run down your battery, and small enough for your pocket yet boasts a massive screen, you should probably go for the Nokia Lumia 625. Do you agree? Anything else you love about the 625 our friends have missed out? Give us a shout in the comments section below.