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September 11, 2013

Chayse Irvin – Cinematographer, Technophile, Creator

Meet Chayse Irvin. He is a cinematographer, filmmaker extraordinaire, world traveler, and technology enthusiast.  Chayse has quickly become one of the world’s brightest emerging cinematography talents, becoming known for adapting his documentary background into a unique cinematic style. Born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia, Chayse spends much of his time traveling the world, calling New York and Los Angeles home. The Surface team caught up with Chayse in New York while he was filming Soak, a short for his company Cinematique. We had a chance to catch him on set and chat with him afterwards about how we uses his Surface. Chayse is using Surface Pro to get more done on the go. It allows him to maintain his busy schedule, relying on Surface during the scouting process to take pictures of potential locations, to look up production notes while on set and to communicate his vision for scenes to the crew by pulling up images and videos as references.

Photo credit: Philip Knowlton

We love the work that Chayse does and are inspired by his talent and creativity. The Surface team is truly thrilled that Surface is a part of his process. Check out the below video to see him in action.