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We’ve all had it happen to us. That amazing photo ruined because someone moved, or because your hand happened to shake a bit. Thankfully, motion blur can make as well as break a photo, as highlighted by the mobile photography magicians at the Nothing but a Nokia Facebook group. These brilliantly creative pics defy the idea that a photo could only represent a single moment. They capture the action, the movement, the mood and the excitement, and we promise you they’re all amazing.

Vutha Dí María

By Vutha Dí María


jellon Julian

By Jellon Julian

Varun Patrick

By Varun Patrick

sankar snr

By Sankar Snr.

AsteroLykos Wolf

By Astero Lykos

Harish Prabu

By Harish Prabu


By Abdul Rehman


by LD Sun


By Kartikey Smita Karnatak_



By Abdul Rehman

It seems about time for us, too, to start blurring our photos intentionally rather than by accident! If you have any good tips for absolute beginners, please feel free to share them in the comments below. And don’t forget to tell us which of these photos most inspired you. We look forward to reading your thoughts!

Main photo: Nosyaj Zeuqram