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fivebestwindowsphone apps

It’s getting into September now; the kids are back at school and the smell of new textbooks is in the air. But we’re high-tech here at Nokia Conversations, and though we do love books, we’re itching, as usual to get our mitts on this weeks best new and updated Windows Phone apps. Here are five we found this week that we thought you might like too…

App title: Game Quotes

What is it? Supplies you with classic quotes from old computer games

Why we love it? Hey, we love old games and it makes us feel young! Plus, as well as about 700 quotes, it’s got screen shots from the games which you can save to your phone, pin to the start screen or share. Gotta love the retro vibe! In the words of Jessica from Final Fantasy II on the SNES, ‘Where are you going? How can you just walk away now?’

Who it’s perfect for: Nostalgic types and trivia fiends



App title: NFL Game Pass

What is it? An app that lets you (for a fee) watch every NFL game live or on demand from your phone.

Why we love it? It’s a niche interest on these shores (though perhaps not as niche as saving screen shots from ancient arcade games, ahem) but still a decent addition to the app portfolio of US sports’ fans. As well as letting you view all the 2013 games (preseason, regular season and playoffs), it’s got player stats, game schedules and more. Well worth a subscription fee if you’re fond of the quarterbacks…

Who it’s perfect for: American football supporters

NFL Game Pass


App title: Space Weather  

What is it? An extra-terrestrial weather forecast app!

Why we love it? Oh, come on – who wouldn’t love it? The weather, in space! Keep an eye on this and when NASA calls, you know you’ll be dressed appropriately… Being serious, though, this is a fascinating resource for all of you interested in solar-goings on and wind, etc. The app itself has been around a while but it’s been totally revamped. A complicated-looking but colourful interface gives you the lowdown, not only on the current weather in space, but also on storm warnings, forecasts, and space-related news stories

Who it’s perfect for: scientists, space geeks.



App title: Spiegel Online        

What is it? A German language newspaper

Why we love it? This is one of the best-known news sources in the world and it’s about time it hit the Windows Store. Good news for German speakers and because the International Edition is accessible from within the app, it’s good news for the rest of us, too.

Who it’s perfect for: German-speakers looking for the news auf Deutsch.



App title: Daily Dashboard

What is it? A summary of various phone functions on one handy screen

Why we love it? It’s a little hard to summarize, but we’re impressed. Daily Dashboard lifts info from your phone’s calendar, connectivity info, battery stats, alarms, weather and more, and squishes them all onto one page so that you’ve got a snapshot of your day (or week or month), from appointments and birthdays to the likelihood of rain. It’s really convenient to have everything in once space: you can, for instance, see at a glance that at 7pm you’ve got to walk the dog in the rain and that your battery will likely fail before you get back home again – all info that’s already on your phone but now handily collated for you. It’s not a free app, but it’s worth the minor expenditure if you like to have everything super-convenient.

Who it’s perfect for: very organized folk – or those who have organizational aspirations…


That’s our five of the best, but what app caused you to go all of a downloading frenzy this week? As ever, we’d love to know in the comments below.