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A couple of weeks ago we had a joint announcement with Nokia and spent a lot of time talking about Nokia’s “Smart Devices” products and customers, but less on Nokia’s broader “Mobile Phone” business. These “Mobile Phones” include the next-generation feature phones like the new aluminum Nokia 515 and models that blur traditional category lines like the Asha 501:

There are 1.3 billion people using a Nokia phone today. In some markets, the word ‘Nokia’ is synonymous with ‘phone’ – and we aspire to live up to that brand as we welcome customers of these products into our Microsoft family.

In many cases, these customers are new to Microsoft, and their first personal computer will be a phone. With Nokia’s Mobile Phones starting at $20, more people will be introduced to Microsoft services earlier in their lives than ever before. In some geographies, Windows Phones are not available. Again, Nokia’s Mobile Phones will introduce more people to Microsoft services in more places than ever before.

Having these great products as part of our Microsoft offering dramatically broadens the reach of our company’s new Devices and Services strategy. Together, the future is bright.