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nokia low light competition 1

We recently promised you a closer look at the three Nokia Low Light Photography Competition winners and their stunning portfolios. First up we have Sara Rios, 22, from Moledo in the north of Portugal. In her blog she claims to be a lover of both art and nature, which certainly shines through in her photos of Portuguese beaches. Just as Sara says, you can really smell the sea in them… We hope you enjoy checking out her beautiful pics and find some inspiration in Sara´s interview.

nokia low light competition 3

What inspired you to enter the competition?

Everything inspired me. New opportunities, meeting new people, seeing another side of the world, and doing what I love most: photography.

nokia low light competition 4

How would you describe your two weeks with the Nokia Lumia 925?

Lumia 925 was like a new friend and in two weeks I tried to slowly get to know him. He accompanied me everywhere and I began to realize that he had the ability to follow me in my art.

nokia low light competition 2

What did you think of the Nokia Lumia 925 itself? Which features did you like best?

I never thought a phone could charm me as much as this one did. I’m not a girl who buys mobile phones, and normally I prefer the oldest cameras.

This mobile phone has the ability to transport me to another dimension and make me forget that I am shooting with a mobile phone. It’s easy to carry, convenient, effective and high quality.

nokia low light competition 5

What advice would you give aspiring city/street photographers using the Nokia Lumia 925?

That there are no rules for shooting. Take the Nokia Lumia 925 wherever you go, use at any time day or night, don’t think and be quick.

nokia low light competition 6

How did you choose the subjects for your winning photos?

I wanted to transport people to another dimension, perhaps to my world. I chose the photographs that evoked most feelings in me.

nokia low light competition 7

Which of your winning photos is your personal favourite and why?

It’s hard to choose a photo, each photo brings with it a story of these weeks. But I can give a special mention to the photograph ‘Amar’ (see title picture) because you can smell the sea and sense the love. The Lumia 925 managed to capture this feeling so well.

nokia low light competition 8


nokia low light competition 9
nokia low light competition 10

We’re super pleased to hear that the Nokia Lumia 925 converted Sara into a mobile photography enthusiast! So, Sara likes Amar best, and these were our personal favourites. What about you? Are you more into the desolate beauty of beaches or solitary cityscapes? Let us know your favourite in the comments below.