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September 18, 2013

Behind the Scenes with Christy Karacas- New York-based Animator

Christy Karacas is the creator of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Superjail! Series and a Surface user. As our month of creators continues and sharing more with you all the cool things people are doing with Surface, the Surface team caught up with Christy at his home in Brooklyn and at Titmouse Studios where Superjail! is created to learn more about how he’s using his device.


From creating storyboards for the show, researching ideas to animating characters, Christy shared with us that he’s able to do all of those things with his Surface Pro. Surface Pen is his number one tool- the pen’s pressure sensing tip allows for a great drawing experience whether that is in Photoshop, Fresh Paint, or Sketchbook. It gives Christy the mobility he craves as an artist.

Check out our video with Christy to see how he’s using Surface to create and do more.