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There are plenty of voice recorder apps in the Windows Phone Store but BigHand takes the process of dictation to a whole new level.


As well as being a sophisticated voice recorder, this free app includes a host of other advanced features that are designed to make your work life easier.

It’s aimed squarely at professionals and people who need to use dictation regularly. It might be for keeping track of tasks, for outlining documents or just for keeping track of your thoughts.

BigHand’s digital dictation software is already well established, particularly in the medical and legal professions, and has over 150,000 users across 1,450 organisations. Now, it’s available on your Nokia Lumia smartphone.


BigHand has a big, clear and intuitive user interface to record your dictations, and listen to the playback.

The recorder has a couple of neat tricks too. You can open a previous recording and insert a new section, or overwrite on top of it. By using the slider tool you can easily find a specific point within the recording and make your edits.

When you have finished dictating you can give it a name and attach images or files to the audio file.

With the dictation complete most voice recorder apps would consider this a job well done but this is where BigHand really comes into its own.


BigHand shines with its ability to submit your recordings to a secretary, a third-party speech recognition engine or a transcription agency.

The app also allows you to track and monitor the progress of the workflow: whether the audio has been submitted, if it’s been transcribed and whether the task has been completed.

To submit your recordings and to really get the most out of BigHand, you will require a connection to the server systems operated by BigHand. Most likely this will be something that is arranged through your employer.

However, even without the server set up, BigHand has created a super voice recorder app for your Nokia Lumia. You can pin Live Tiles to your Start Screen for instant one-touch recording and get quick access to your recording archive.

Whether you are using it in a professional capacity or on a more casual basis, BigHand deserves the big thumbs up.