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No surprise then that countless photos, short films, music recordings etc. have been created in a mind-blowing variety of ways on Nokia devices over the years. Now Nokia is taking this desire to fuel creativity one step further by working with Talenthouse to sponsor creative talent. One person who’s recently made use of this opportunity is up and coming rapper, Lucan Mills. We hooked up with him to find out more about his relationship with rap, technology and Nokia.

You’re been rapping for nearly eight years. How did you get into it and what do you love best about this particularly type of music?

It all began with the reading and writing of poetry when I was around 10 years old. I used to enter competitions and spend time trying to make as many things rhyme as possible. I would always find myself writing and this eventually triggered a passion in writing raps. I started listening to different artists and got my first cassette tape of Eminem ‘Real Slim Shady’. I then started working on delivery and flow. Once I got involved with it I just never stopped.

Thanks to technology and the internet, the music business has changed beyond recognition in the past decade. What are the advantages and challenges in this brave new world for up and coming musicians like you?

I think that technology has opened the doors to so many fantastic opportunities for musicians. It has given you the freedom to make music and share it with the world with just a few clicks. It has made the industry easier to become a part of it. The bedroom era kicked off with being able to write, produce, mix, and release and whole album sat in your dressing gown at home.


Like all new breakthrough in technology there always seems to be a flip side like piracy. However we need to adapt and find a new and effective way of doing things. Jay Z is all about changing the rules and with change comes the future and that’s what we need to pay attention to. How do we move forward and take advantage of all the new technology.

As an online community for aspiring creatives, Talenthouse is a great example of this new environment. What do you like best about it and how has it helped your career? 

I think Talenthouse is a fantastic idea. It as taken the precise steps at moving forward in the current age. Using technology to not only give you the platform to be heard but for creatives to link up like a family. Everything you need is there and I would love to see this grow and go even further.


It has helped me in many ways from finding me great producers and people to connect with to launching my relationship with Nokia. If anyone was thinking of taking the next step and getting themselves out there I would recommend Talenthouse.

You recently launched a creative invite, which was sponsored by Nokia. Can you tell us what it was for, how it went and how the sponsorship helped. 

My creative invite was to find a range of different producers who could put together some new music for my EP and future projects I would be working on. I wanted to find something and someone fresh. Something exciting and original and what better way than to open the floor up to producers from all over the world. I was lucky enough to get Nokia on board and we put together some great incentives. I had a really good response to the invite and had some great beats submitted.


When we announced our winner and the finalists it was really positive to see the reactions and the excitement not just on their side but mine as well. I have since worked with all these producers and there is stuff on its way very soon. This really helped open up my work to a big audience and I hope the relationship between Nokia and I will continue to do some exciting things in the near future.

Top tunes and top answers from a top bloke! We’re lovin’ Lucan’s music and the way he’s making the most of technology to showcase his talent. Is this the future for up and coming artists? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.