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Today we have some great news for the fans of Angry Birds and Star Wars as the epic smash hit game gets a sequel. That’s right – Angry Birds Star Wars II is landing on your Windows Phone 8 Lumia today!

Get ready to use the Force for good to fight against the greedy Pork Federation.
Or choose a much darker path and join the evil piggies (for the first time ever!) and use Darth Maul’s double-bladed Lightsaber to show the birds what it feels like to be knocked down and sliced to bacon over and over again.

Angry Birds Star Wars II comes with new levels, new powers and you can choose from more than 30 playable characters in the game.

During the weeks leading up to the launch, we teamed up with some of the original Star Wars movie actors to introduce the new and expanded character lineup. This included Ian McDiarmid, who is famous for his role as the iconic Emperor Palpatine – also lending his unforgettable voice as he called out fans to Join the Pork Side:

Hasbro’s Telepods will also be brought on to Windows Phone 8 Lumia phones in the future. In addition to the vast amount of content readily available in the game, new characters and superpowers can be unlocked for players by placing one of the collectible Telepods figures onto the phone or tablet camera and scanning it into the game.

If you happen to get stuck in the game, you can find tips and trick from Although if you were born as a Jedi or Sith master, you won’t be needing this …

And if the Force gets too strong for you, take a break, and watch some Angry Birds Toons, the hugely popular animated series about the birds and the pigs, available through Angry Birds Roost!

May the birds (or piggies) be with you!