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Nokia Lumia 625 #FightBoredom

For three weeks we’ve been sending you lovely people the Nokia Lumia 625 to review, but review with a twist. We think with the Lumia 625’s 4G internet, large 4.7″ screen and affordable price tag, it is the perfect smartphone to fight boredom!

And so we asked you to share unboxing videos, images and reviews that are creative and out of the ordinary. Not ones that are filled with tech specs and all the usual stuff you would expect. So here are a few we have seen so far, please feel free to vote on your favourite in the comments section below!

First up we have Jim from Nokia News Ireland. He recruited possibly one of the youngest unboxers we’ve ever seen to reveal the striking orange Lumia 625. I especially like the cry of joy when the phone is taken out of the box!

I think it’s safe to say this one is a first. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the world’s first (prove me wrong, I dare you) guinea pig unboxing. They don’t have much to say about the device but they certainly seem to like looking at their reflections in the big screen. Submitted by Steve aka psychomania666.


This pretty piece sent by Imogen gives us a little peak at the Lumia 625 and then it’s taken away! The second part can be viewed here… I would love these to have been longer but you can’t have everything. Thanks for sharing Imogen!

Not sure about this one from Nirave at ukmobilereview, I think we can put it down to unboxing a phone at midnight, possibly after a heavy night out, fighting boredom in a different way! Cool thing though, he wrote his hands-on and first impressions with one hand on the phone itself, kudos to that!

Another location based unboxing here, this time from Ali over on mynokiablog. Here he takes to the rooftops of Jordan and shares some wonderful views with the bright green Lumia 625. For his full first impressions of the phone head over to his post.

And that wraps up this session of non-boring unboxing. There will be more to come so we’ll update you on Monday. Again, please let us know your thoughts on these in the comments section below, and if anybody can find a guinea pig unboxing a smartphone you know where to find me!