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The Nokia Asha 501 is perfect for people still in education, thanks to its affordable price tag, intuitive interface and huge range of apps. Plenty of those applications could make a big difference when it comes to getting ahead in school or college, and we’ve been looking at some of the options.


A calculator is the first thing on most lists when it comes to education, and the integrated calculator app on the Asha 501 means you don’t have to carry around a dedicated device. To open the app, just go to the menu screen on your phone, and scroll down through the icons until you see the Calculator. It really is that simple.


Whatever subject you need a helping hand in, the chances are there’s an app for your Nokia Asha 501. Dictionary is perfect for budding poets and people who want to improve their grasp of the English language, providing instant search capabilities and also offering explanations, thesaurus suggestions and examples of sentences.


My Pocket Office

If you spend a lot of time emailing documents, then My Pocket Office is a great addition for your Nokia Asha 501. There are three apps available, covering Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and all of the apps let you open and view your files. Find out more about My Pocket Office.


Translator is one of the most useful apps we’ve seen on the Nokia Asha 501, and it works brilliantly. Simply type in the word you want to translate, select the language and the language you want to translate to, and press ‘translate’. It’s incredibly easy to use, and you can choose from English, German, Russian, Catalan, Arabic, Greek, French, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Kongo and Korean.

World Flags

Ever wondered which countries make up the member states and observer states of the United Nations? World Flags has them all, along with details of the flags of each country, which could prove invaluable in Geography lessons. Just pick the country you want out of a huge list, and you’ll get a picture of the flag along with more details.


Science Quiz

Testing yourself is one of the best ways to improve your knowledge, and this app is a great way to find out more about science. You can choose from different levels of questions, and they include everything from ‘Oncology is the study of?’ to ‘Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales give the same reading at?’. The questions are also timed, putting you under pressure.  

Chemical Formulas

Budding scientists could get a huge helping hand with Chemical Formulas, an app that provides the formulas for over 1,500 different chemicals. You can scroll down through the list, with chemicals listed alphabetically, or you can also search by name.