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Jim’s been one of the highest ranked members of the Nokia Support Discussions community for years, but only lately did we find out that he’s also a collector extraordinaire! His enthusiasm for mobile phones started when he was around 18 and it’s not showing any signs of waning. To share this passion with other Nokia lovers, he recently started his own blog NokiaNewsIreland. Jim boldly claims to be Ireland’s top Nokia fan and we’re fairly convinced that this is the case. We think you will, too, once you’ve read our interview with him…

We suspect you may be the man with the most Nokia devices in Europe. Could you describe your collection to us?

Well, I’m not sure about having the most in Europe, but I will have, as I continue to collect more whenever something comes my way. But yes, I do hold the undisputed title of having the biggest collection of Nokia devices in Ireland, that´s for sure.

My collection stands at around 115 devices featuring some rare models such as the N92. Some of these devices are with my family, some in my office and some on display in mobile museums, but one day I will complete what I´m building, which is a Nokia wall with a complete collection.

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What was it that started your enthusiasm for Nokia and when? Why is it specifically Nokia devices you like best?

It started with the 3110. I still have one… I had several of those as a young man, when I was clumsy and kept dropping them. Then I was addicted to the 5110. That’s when I said Nokia is for me and became more and more interested in their devices. They were simple, straightforward and trendy. I still use Nokia devices today, and I love them because of their quality builds and simple user interface.

When did you get your first ever Nokia and which one was it? Could you tell us its story please?

My first Nokia was the 3110, which I got as a company phone straight after school. I loved it… I was always showing it off to family and friends, telling them that this is the phone to have. I knew my phone was better than theirs, because they argued “mine can do this and mine can do that.” I simply said, “no, sorry, it can´t” and they were left speechless. I still carry on doing this to highlight what Nokia devices are capable of.

Foursquare on Lumia 1020

Which Nokia phone do you use at the moment and what do you like best about it?

Today I’m using the Nokia Lumia 1020, and wow is not the word, this device is a killer device! The fact that I have it in yellow makes it even better, plus I have all the accessories that go with it. I got it for being a long term member on the Nokia Support Discussions forum, which I joined years ago.

Also I’m using the 925 and I love it, too. Nothing comes close to these two for quality design and build. I own all the Nokia Lumia devices except the 720, which never went on sale in Ireland.


So, do you think Jim O’Brien should be crowned king of Nokia fans in Europe? In any case, he has a collection of which we’re very, very jealous! Jim will soon share with us his five favourite Nokia devices ever, which must be a tough choice considering he’s had so many. Stay tuned for his answers, and if there’s anything else you’d like to know about Mr. Nokia Ireland, pop your questions in the comments below.