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Your Nokia Lumia is a great device when it comes to communicating by email, and there are loads of different things you can do to make it even better. From merging email accounts so all your messages appear in one place, to changing the sync settings to save battery life, keep reading to find out how to manage the email accounts on your Nokia Lumia.


Merge your accounts

It’s possible to set up multiple email accounts on your Nokia Lumia, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to have lots of different icons on your Start Screen to access all the different inboxes. If you use Gmail, it’s possible to merge your accounts so all emails appear in one inbox, making it easier to stay on top of all your messages.

Simply open Google Mail, click the menu button, and then press ‘Link Inboxes’. Then select the inboxes you want to link up, and your emails from those accounts will appear in one place.



Browse different folders

The panorama feature makes it easy to flick through your most important folders: All (inbox), Unread, Flagged and Urgent, but it’s also possible to access all your other folders too. Tap the menu button, followed by ‘Show all folders’. This will bring up everything, from drafts, to trash, to your outbox. It will also show all the individual folders you’ve created for specific messages.


Turn Conversations on or off

The way we view emails can be incredibly personal, and while some people prefer to view each message individually, others prefer to see their mail arranged in threads – showing you the entire conversation. To turn this feature on or off, open the menu, click ‘Settings’, and tick (or untick) the box for Conversations.  



Change sync settings

Choosing sync settings for your email depends entirely on how you use your Nokia Lumia. You can opt for more frequent syncs if you need to stay in touch with people constantly, or ensure your phone syncs less frequently, with battery life improving as a result. Once again open the email ‘Settings’ page, and then tap ‘Sync settings’.

Tap the box under ‘Download new content’ to change when your Nokia Lumia will search for new content; you can choose as items arrive, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly or even manually.

You can change sync settings to download all of your emails from the past three days, the past seven days, past two weeks, or the past month. You can also choose to sync email, contacts and calendars.



Search for items

The integrated search function makes it incredibly easy to track down old emails on your Nokia Lumia as well. Just tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your inbox, and start typing. As you type, the search function narrows down the option, so you may find the email you’re looking for long before you’ve even finished typing!

Add a signature

There’s a good chance that you’ll answer emails on your Nokia Lumia when you’re out and about, so it makes sense that your email signature reflects your mobile lifestyle. To change the signature added to emails sent from your phone, open the email settings page and ensure the signature toggle is activated. You can then enter a signature message that suits you.

Do you juggle multiple email accounts? Share your tips for managing email in the comments below.