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Have you ever had a sense that you were like a modern day Pavlov’s dog, salivating at every app notification?

Do you often find yourself lost down internet rabbit-holes, with no real recollection of how you got there? Are you in charge of your technology, or is it in charge of you?

Used correctly, your smartphone is a powerful tool for productivity, collaboration, and unfettered creativity. However, as technological developments surge ahead of human behaviour, it’s all too easy to fall into a trap where your device ends up owning you, when it should be the other way around.

Defending against these problems is what mobile mastery is all about, while maximising the rocket-fuel for your brain that communication technology provides.

Sound good? There are three key qualities that identify a mobile master:

  1. Mindful
  2. Purposeful
  3. Playful

These are the driving concepts which, when balanced, result in an effortless and powerful state of mind, keeping Pavlov’s dog out of the rabbit-hole and back where it belongs. (In the Pavlovian Museum in Russia, as it happens.)

We’ll be taking an in-depth look at each of theses three qualities in future articles, so be sure to check back here for them. We’ll also be profiling some exciting software and brain-hacks to make you think about work (and think about thinking) in an entirely new way. There will be interviews with mobile masters from around the world, and above all, a lot of practical advice for you to experiment with.

Mindful, purposeful and playful also form the backbone of our latest Smarter Everyday ebook. Take a look, and if you like what you find, please be sure to pass it on to your colleagues.

If you’ve got tips of your own that you’d like to tell us about, or have read something that you think points the way to mobile mastery, then by all means let us know in the comments. Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear what you find most interesting, and we’re looking forward to sharing lots of mindful, purposeful, playful new ideas together. And don’t forget to check out our Mobile Mastery sessions at Social Media Week in London this week – the sessions will be available to watch online.

This article is part of Nokia’s Smarter Everyday programme, which aims to inspire you with the latest ideas on productivity, collaboration and technology adoption.