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If there’s one man who knows his way around a Nokia Lumia, it’s Nokia Care aficionado and Community Manager, Wayne Spillett.

Wayne spends a large chunk of his day helping Nokia fans, far and wide, get the most out of their devices. One set of questions he often deals with are on the best ways to find things on your Nokia Lumia. Happily, today he’s sharing all his top finding tips in one fantastic post. Over to you, Wayne!

start screen2

How to find everything you love

One thing I love about my Nokia Lumia phone with Windows Phone 8 is how easy it is to keep the things I need the most right where I can get at them, starting with the start screen where I keep my People Hub, messaging, web browser, personal and work e-mail, Pro Cam and Smart Cam plus my photos, social media apps, the latest weather, and Here Maps and Drive.

It’s great to be able to organise it the way it works best for me, with three different size tile depending on the importance of the app and how much information I want to see there. Press and hold any tile on your home screen to move it to a different part of the start screen, change its size or remove it. You can pin new items to the start screen from your app list, contacts, music and videos and various other places, simply press and hold the item then select “Pin to start screen”.

How to find things in lists

Finding things in a long list couldn’t be simpler; items are grouped by their initial letters. Just tap any letter and you’ll see a grid of the whole alphabet, tap the letter you need and go straight there!

This works in a number of places, including your People Hub, music player, Facebook app and once you have a certain number of apps installed, your app list too.

how to find people

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How to find people

The People Hub for me is one of the real highlights of Windows Phone in my Nokia Lumia. Whatever methods I have to communicate with my friends and family, they are all in one place: I can phone you, text you, mail you, write on your Facebook timeline, Tweet you or message you on LinkedIn – all without the need to open a single app! What’s more, when I choose to send you a mail, I have all of my connected e-mail accounts to choose from in the same place, so staying in touch has never been easier or more flexible!

People hub automatically links records that can be identified as the same person, but you can link others too. Simply, opening a contact, tapping the link button at the bottom of the screen then select the link button to link.

How to find social updates

Another benefit of the People hub is that I can see my friend’s latest Facebook posts, Tweets, Linked-in posts et cetera in one handy “What’s new?” stream.

I can also check my friend’s latest photos here, too, as well as my conversation history with that person using any of the connected contact methods.

winston's ways

How to find top tunes

Ever been walking down the street, browsing at your local shopping centre or in a taxi, heard a song and thought “I remember that, who sang it?” or “Wow, that’s a great song, I need to know more!”? Happens to me all the time, but now with my Lumia I can just go to Bing Search, tap the musical note (enabled in selected countries) and my phone will listen to the song and tell me the title and artist!

name that tune

Hopefully you’ve learnt something from these five tops tips. If you’ve got ant others you think we should know about, find your way down to the comments section below.