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If you’re as interested in mobile photography as us, you’re in for another treat. We still have two out of the three Nokia Low Light Photography Competition winners to showcase here at Nokia Conversations. Next up is Maris Silis, whose photos from his hometown Riga in Latvia give us a new perspective on urban photography. As he says in our interview below, “urban life’s not only skateboarding, snowboarding or old industrial houses. It’s our life… the life that we live in the city.” We love the idea and we love the photos. Hope you do, too!

nokia low light competition 11

What inspired you to enter the competition?

I saw the competition on and my friend, the Latvian designer Agnese Narnicka, shared that on her timeline. Thanks for that, Agnese!

nokia low light competition 15

How would you describe your two weeks with the Nokia Lumia 925? 

Hard weeks. I was working in two jobs at that time, and that was hard, but I did it! Thankfully it’s so quick and easy to take pictures with the Nokia Lumia 925, you can process a photo that you like in just a couple of minutes.

nokia low light competition 13

What did you think of the Nokia Lumia 925 itself? Which features did you like best?

To me, the Nokia Lumia 925 represents the future of phone cameras. I think so, because Nokia took a big step with its Smart Camera. The capabilities are some of the best I have ever seen…

nokia low light competition 15

What advice would you give aspiring city/street photographers using the Nokia Lumia 925?

You can take a picture anywhere, add filters or clarity, and then share it in your social networks. It takes only a few minutes and that’s it, it’s so easy and the quality is excellent. You don’t need a PC anymore to create great pictures.

nokia low light competition 16

How did you choose the subjects for your winning photos? 

I knew what I wanted to show, that urban life’s not only skateboarding, snowboarding and old industrial houses. It’s our life… the life that we live in the city.

nokia low light competition 13

Which of your winning photos is your personal favourite and why?

Tired ballerina (see below), which shows you how hard this aerial dance actually is. It’s certainly not as effortless as it looks when you are watching ballet. 

nokia low light competition 14


nokia low light competition 17
nokia low light competition 18
nokia low light competition 19

If Nokia Lumia 925 is the future of smartphone cameras, that future is certainly bright! Thanks for the compliments, Maris, and particularly for showing what such a camera can do… We hope Maris’s words – and his photos – encourage you to make the most of your smartphone camera’s capabilities. As Maris says, it’s surprisingly easy. And don’t forget to tell us in your comments, which of these pics you like best!