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Ansel Adams, one of the greatest landscape photographers of the 20th century, once said, “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.”

Happily, thanks to digital and mobile photography, we now have more chances to test ourselves than ever. That’s one reason we’ve recently launched the Photograph for Nokia in Puerto Rico Competition with creative community Talenthouse.

The challenge is simple: Show us your most breathtaking photos featuring landscapes, natural settings or wildlife taken using any type of camera. The prize for the winners is an amazing trip to Puerto Rico with National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez, plus the world’s best camera smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1020. The competition ends on October 11th and you can enter here. Hundreds of you have already done just that and to inspire those of you who haven’t, here’s fifteen awesome entries that will take your breath away.

“Baie des pirates” By Pierre Turtaut

"Baie des pirates" By Pierre Turtaut

“A View of Istanbul” By Hattie Simms 

"A View of Istanbul" By Hattie Simms

“Russian winter” By Elena Samoylova 

"Russian winter" By Elena Samoylova

“Teno” By Remon Fotos

"Teno" By Remon Fotos

“Cathedral Of Cologne At Night” By Ludwig Montag

"Cathedral Of Cologne At Night" By Ludwig Montag

“Mariposa” By Florencia Dreidemie

"Mariposa" By Florencia Dreidemie

“Sunset from Bago River, Philippines” By Jade Bryan Jardinico

"Reflection of the sky - Sunset from Bago River, Philippines" By Jade Bryan Jardinico

“Roots” By Steve Minor

"Roots" By Steve Minor

“Sleeping city” By Marco Britto

"sleeping city" By Marco Britto

“The Magnificence of Water” By Georgi Popov

" The Magnificence of Water" By Georgi Popov

“Wildlife Amblings” By Michelle Sergeant

"Wildlife Amblings" By Michelle Sergeant

“Sunrise on her day” By Rodrigo Alva Loli

"Sunrise on her day" By Rodrigo Alva Loli

“Trepar, Reir, Aire.” By Pamella Quiroz

"Trepar,Reir,Aire..." By Pamella Quiroz

“Journey to eternity” By Pranab Basak

"Journey to eternity" By Pranab Basak

“Forgotten Desert” By Kara Eggert

"Forgotten Desert" By Kara Eggert

We’re sure you’ll agree these are some amazing examples of landscape photography. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to grab your camera and enter the competition too. In the meantime, let us know which photo you loved best in the comments below.

Title photo: “Pescador de atardeceres” By Memo Vasquez