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Nokia devices are jam packed with such an astounding array of features that it’s hardly surprising we sometimes need a helping hand to get the most out of them.

Fortunately, there’s one place online where you can get all the advice you need and more. Take a bow, Nokia Support Discussions! This incredible web community is manned by a crack team of volunteers, the unsung super heroes of Nokia Care. Unsung, that is, until now.

To shine a light on the amazing work the entire community does, we asked Community Manager Wayne Spillett to profile the five best mobile masterminds. Over to you, Wayne.

In the beginning…

I first joined Discussions as a moderator back in August 2007 when our English community was just under two years old, and spent four years running the moderator team before relocating to Nokia’s Finnish homeland and becoming Community Manager in 2011. It has been a fun-packed six years so far, it is a wonderful community with its daily dose of drama and intrigue, and in that time I’ve met and got to know literally hundreds of great characters.


A community of super heroes

When Nokia Connects asked me to pick the top stars that have made super contributions to community over the years, narrowing down the list of potential candidates from three digits to just five was a real challenge. Honourable mentions go to Sapporobaby, our resident agent from the U.S. State Dept., imprisoned these many years in Helsinki and desperately trying to escape to warmer climes, everybody’s favourite school headmistress Patriciaanne3 who was the real heart and soul of the community during her time with us and who is now enjoying her retirement, and Radical24 – the hip Illinois chick with a real passion for all things mobile. And with only a little further ado to give a proud salute to all those who are not here but who are nonetheless fantastic, here go the BIG FIVE…

Mobile Overlord


Psychomania is the undisputed top-man of Discussions, since joining the community a few months before I arrived on the scene he has racked up an incredible 27,000 posts, been awarded kudos by our members more than 6700 times and authored more than 1500 accepted solutions. Twice already we have had to introduce extra ranks in our community because he had so far surpassed the requirements for the top rank of the time! Psychomania lives in northern England with his wife and his cats Robbie and Kylie; and when not sharing his incredible expertise on all things Nokia with our Discussions community he works as a graphic designer.

Mobile Overlord


Our resident global businessman, also with us since 2007, is originally from Malaysia but lives and works in Ireland where he enjoys the country’s famous “Black Stuff” almost as much as he loves Nokia’s award-winning “Yellow Stuff”! When not jet-setting around the world, structural engineer and IT manager CJLim is a great mobile all-rounder, and long-time expert on Nokia’s award-winning smartphones and, as you might expect from somebody who spends so much time travelling, all things maps and navigation.

Mobile Sensei


A truly global guy, Adrianhughes is an Australian whose family tree has roots in both Europe and Asia-Pacific. A member of Discussions since September 2008, Adrian has an impressive back-catalogue of phones, mainly (we are happy and proud to say) Nokias. Like the others here, self-employed Adrian is pretty prolific when it comes to helping Nokia Customers get the most of their phones, and he has been one of the top Discussions members when it comes to Supporting or fantastic new Lumia range. Adrian became a father earlier this year, so I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing him the heartiest congratulations!

Mobile Sensei


Another of our superstars who has been with us some a number of years is Scoobyman, a carer from Wales who cares for Nokia Customers at Discussions with immense attention to detail and a keen knowledge of all Nokia products large and small. Scoobyman is also one of our top-rated experts in the field of maps and navigation.

Mobile Guru


Californian businessman ceroberts75 joined Discussions back in the mists of time in 2006, and has worked his way through Nokia’s history of smartphones from the earliest Symbians, through our Linux-based N900 and N9, finally arriving at our award-winning Lumia range. We’re happy to say that Ceroberts75, whilst initially sceptical about our Lumia products, is now a top Lumia evangelist – we’ve even heard stories of him visiting retailers and operator stores in the Sunshine State and teaching them a thing or two about Lumia!

If you’d like to get to know these five amazing guys better or simply want to make use of their amazing mobile knowledge, why not head over to Nokia Support Discussions now. Alternatively, share your thoughts on their heroic endeavours down below.

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