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There are thousands of apps that can make your Nokia Asha more productive, but occasionally it’s nice to kick back and play around with something less serious. This is where Talking Cat Sounds comes in, offering a silly but surprisingly realistic collection of cat sounds.

Talking Cat Sounds is split into two different sections, with tabs across both the top and bottom of the app. The buttons at the top cover features from converting the cat sounds into tones for your Nokia Asha, rating or exiting the app, while the buttons at the bottom offer the full range of different sounds.

The options at the bottom of the app include: Cat Meow, House Cat, Yell, Unique Meow, Cat Fight, Frustrated Meow, Hissing, Young cat, Pleading Cat, Cats Eating, Begging Cat, Hungry Cat and Angry Cat. To pick, simply swipe from one side to the other, and then tap the one you want.


The cat in the middle changes when you pick a sound you want to try. It’s then just a case of tapping the screen to poke the cat, disturb it and make it meow. The longer you hold your finger down, the more noise the cat makes.

The meows, squeaks, squeals and yelps are convincing, and it’s easy to imagine your colleagues searching the room to find out where the rogue kitten is hiding. As for fooling other felines though, my own cat Colin was having none of it, showing complete disdain for any noises (to be fair she usually shows complete disdain for anything that isn’t edible).

If you do want to add a cat meow to your Nokia Asha as a message tone, simply  tap the icon at the top left. You’ll be told that the app wants to change an MP3 file on your memory card – and is it OK to update the data? Click ‘Yes’, and the meow will automatically be added to your message tones.

Talking Cat Sounds is a light hearted and well-designed app, and if you want something fun to amuse your friends with it’s worth a look.