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We’ve had the pleasure to present some truly world class photography on Nokia Conversations in the past couple of weeks, thanks to the three winners of the Nokia Low Light Photography Competition.

Last but definitely not least, we introduce London-based photographer and filmmaker Petronin Ugo. Petronin won the judges over with his diary-esque portfolio, which gives a very intimate insight into his life. When describing his favourite photo, a fabulous low-light shot of biking in the rain (see below), Petronin says he loves “trying to record these simple, joyful moments.” Check out some more of those moments here, along with some fascinating insights into Petronin’s creative process…

nokia low light competition 19 (Small)

What inspired you to enter the competition?

I think I saw an opportunity to share my way of taking pictures, experimenting with a new medium to interact with the world. It was challenging in a way, without too much restrictions.

nokia low light competition 22 (Small)

How would you describe your two weeks with the Nokia Lumia 925?

I was mostly focusing on using the Nokia Lumia 925 for a discrete and intimate photographic approach. The phone gives you a lot of possibilities to do that.

nokia low light competition 33 (Small)

What did you think of the Nokia Lumia 925 itself? Which features did you like best?

The camera was excellent, you could easily shoot high quality photos in different conditions, even in the rain at night on a bike. I also have to say that I love the grain, blurs and colours that the phone produces in certain low light conditions.

nokia low light competition 25 (Small)

What advice would you give aspiring city/street photographers using the Nokia Lumia 925?

Use the freedom that the device gives you to push photography in new and surprising dimensions. Experiment!

nokia low light competition 23 (Small)

How did you choose the subjects for your winning photos?

I used a chronological structure like a diary, which means the subjects were a bit restricted to what I was doing (stitches in the A&E, for example). It was more about how I interact with the world around me. Every night I selected my favourite pics, and when I put them together they became a portrait of my two weeks in London.

nokia low light competition 29 (Small)

Which of your winning photos is your personal favourite and why?

My favourite picture is the one taken in the rain on a bike. I love recording these simple, joyful moments, plus it really brings out the qualities of the Lumia 925.

nokia low light competition 31 (Small)

nokia low light competition 28 (Small)

nokia low light competition 34jpg (Small)

Petronin Ugo has got an amazing knack of showing what the Nokia Lumia 925 can do, don’t you think? We wish him all the luck in his future projects… we’re sure we’ll hear from him again! If you liked his photos, please tell us why in the comments below. And as usual, we’re keen to find out your favourite pic, too.