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Thursdays come so quickly don’t they? Maybe it is the anticipation of the latest Red Stripe Deals in the Windows Phone Store.

This week, we have three more apps for you – all games, really – and you get access to them before anyone else.


Imagine you’re at a private club, but this time, you’re on the list, and you can go right to the front of the line for these deals. And, to make your decision even easier, all three of the deals this week can be yours for the low, low price of only $0.99.

First up is Akinator, which is a clever spin on the 20 questions game. When the game begins, you have the choice of selecting one of 14 languages from Arabic to Turkish to use while you play, which is a nice touch.

The Akinator is an animated “genie” who is pretty darn smart. He taunts you with this statement: “Think about a real or fictional character I will try to guess who it is.” Think of someone (try to make it tough!), and then press Play to start the match.



By process of elimination – and some behind-the-scenes computational figuring – the genie will guess your character. When I tried it, he was right every time. The game keeps track of how many times a specific person (or “Character”) has been played by others using the app – some more than 50,000 times. So, if you think you’re being clever, think harder!

There is a free trial for the game, but it limits the number of times you can play in a given day. Just get the full version.

Not up for a guessing game? How are your driving skills? And more specifically, your parking skills. The second Red Stripe is Parking Mania, an Xbox title from Electronic Arts that challenges you to get behind the wheel of a wide range of vehicles that need to be parked – safely, we might add.


You can also adjust how you control the car – using a steering wheel, or based on the accelerometer built in to your phone – the latter was not proving to work well for me (lots of crashing!), but that could be a matter of “user error” as they say.

The pressure is on, as you drive your car to its destination. In addition to steering, you can control the speed of drive and reverse of your car with the pedal on the right of the screen. You don’t need to land exactly in the marked spot, but try to be as close as you can. A free version of the app offers 16 levels to play, but if you go for the full version, there are more than 200 levels to test your parking karma.

Last – but certainly not least – is Boom Brigade 2 from the game makers at Finland’s 10tons. (I was very excited to see this one, as 10tons produces some of my favorite mobile games.) The basic premise of the game: Defend your bunker against “alien scum”. It is a fun twist on the tower-defense genre, shown from a bird’s eye view of your defenders attacking the alien hordes that await you in wave after wave of vicious onslaught.


Complete with extensive power-ups, and the ability to target your foes, if you detest alien invaders of an extraterrestrial variety then Boom Brigade 2 will suit you just fine.


So, what do you think? Do these weekly Red Stripe deals motivate you to get the paid apps and games from Windows Phone Store? Half off pricing seems pretty decent. Share your thoughts in the Comments below.