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Back in August we introduced Nokia Video Trimmer, along with Nokia Video Upload, as the latest exclusive apps to the Nokia Collection for Windows Phone 8.

It’s proved a popular download and is a lot easier to use than you might think.

Nokia Video Trimmer allows you to quickly remove those awkward parts at the start and end of any video you have recorded. It can be launched from the Apps menu, directly from your camera roll, or from within any album if you are already reviewing the video clip.


As soon as you load the app, you’ll find it populated with the video clips you’ve recorded on your Nokia Lumia. Select the video you’d like to edit and it will be displayed in full screen on your device.

Video Trimmer has a familiar look, using the standard Windows Phone video play, with Play, Forward and Rewind buttons, as well as the time bar running along the bottom of the screen.

However, there is one major difference, the time bar acts as the video trimming (or editing) tool.

Editing can be carried out in one of two ways. The first is to simply drag the slider from the start and end points, placing them where you’d like the video to start and end.

The second method is to use the step-by-step controls, which move the video on a second at a time. Tap the start icon and it will turn red, then use the Back and Forward buttons to choose where you want you video clip to start.


Follow the same procedure with the end clip of your video, by tapping on the end icon so it turns red. Once you’re happy with your editing, tap Save and the video will be edited down to the new size and saved in your Photo Album.

Nokia Video Trimmer is available for all Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8, but only if you have the latest Nokia Amber update.

Want to know more? Check out the Nokia Video Trimmer hands-on video from our good friends at NokNok:


Image courtesy of staceyjoy.