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October 4, 2013

Surface Fans Speak: Early Impressions of Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2

Since announcing the new family of Surface devices some of our biggest fans have shared what got them most excited. Many of these original Surface superfans joined us in New York for our announce event, sharing how they use their Surface, why they love it and how it has changed the way they work or play. Getting real-world feedback from these doctors, filmmakers, students, artists, moms, dads and even a 12 year old who can type 120 words per minute on a Touch Cover (can anyone beat that?) is amazing and I thought I would share some of their early impressions over the next week or so. I’ll start with a set of talented artists: Mike Krahulik and Roz Hall.

Mike Krahulik (Gabe) is the artist behind the online comics on Penny Arcade, one of the most popular communities for gamers on the Web. Mike posted his thoughts on the Surface Pro 2 on the Penny Arcade blog. Take a look. Here is a quick excerpt:

“The big question seemed to be why I don’t just use an iPad. I had to explain the concept of pressure sensitivity, my need to run programs like Photoshop, Manga Studio and also the power of a real Stylus. I’ve pitched the device to all my artist friends so telling people about why it’s rad for drawing is pretty easy for me at this point. Huge parts of the Tithe have been drawn on my Surface and some pages have been made 100% from start to finish on it. It has literally changed how and where I work. I’m an honest to God fanboy when it comes to the Surface and I was happy to share that passion.”

Roz Hall is a University technology advisor by day and artist by night. He began his artistic endeavors as a self-proclaimed iPad Artist, but has since switched over to the Surface. Just in the last week he has added a whole new section to his website entitled “Surface Art.”  Check out his thoughts on Surface 2 here and some of the incredible work he is creating.


Bryson Gordon
Director- Microsoft Surface