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Some get things over and done with in 50 words while others are only just getting started after 2,000 – and both approaches can attract a massive online following. In that respect, for me, this week’s Blog Star is very much in the just-right Goldilocks Zone. Not too short. Not too long. Please offer a concise congrats to

What is it?

With its cheekily likeable tagline “All we do is #win”, WinSource is about all things Windows – specifically new style integrated Windows 8. It’s about new gadgets, the best apps, how your laptop talks to your phone and tablet – and how to navigate your way through “a marketplace with thousands and thousands of options.”

Who runs it?

Founder and Editor in Chief Rob Jackson says Windows Phone as an “OS with unlimited potential.” He’s passionate about technology and runs the WinSource with his US based team of contributing editors, Joe Fedewa, Ashley King and Mark Jackson.



What we love about it

There’s a single idea that runs through all the things we love about WinSource. It’s that many readers simply don’t have time to trawl through long, detailed technical articles – so let’s keep it brief and to the point. If you’re looking for a single place where you can get a pretty detailed gist of the latest developments in Windows mobile in as short as time as possible, WinSource is perfect for you.

Many of the WinSource reviews are based more on hands on videos than on written words. What they write gets straight to the basics – and the videos are just a few minutes long, so they’re a great way to get a feel for a new device or app. You’ll see what I mean in this Nokia Lumia 928 review below, while this rundown of the DualShot app is even more concise (and wins hands down this week’s prize for Most Gratuitous Use of a Kitten on a Technology Website).

Of course every rule has its exceptions – and when they got their hands on a Nokia Lumia 1020 they published this super detailed review to make sure nothing was missed. What it comes down to is that these guys don’t ramble. They save the extra words for the things that deserve them. They also do a great monthly rundown of the month’s best apps, a perfect way to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest games and utilities.


The website has a friendly, lively community supporting it in the Forums. You’ll find help and suggestions for apps and games, as well as threads like this one on favourite tech sites and this poll on whether the cyan version of the Nokia Lumia 900 is for ladies only (the answer, of course, being a resounding no).

And they recently launched their own great looking free WinSource app, full of all their latest reviews, news and videos while you’re on the move.

What’s its stand out feature?

We’re back to their keep-to-the-point style for their best feature which, I reckon, is their editorials. They range from this light-hearted focus on the spooky design similarities between new-look IOS apps and existing Windows 8 ones, to this more serious overview of why Google’s hesitation in bringing its apps to the Windows Phone platform. And then there are occasional celebrations of the Windows Phone world, like this rundown of 20 exclusive Windows Phone apps that you definitely won’t be seeing on Android or IOS any time soon.

Hooking up beyond the blog

I’ve mentioned the app already and the WinSource YouTube channel is definitely worth a follow. You’ll also find them on Facebook and Twitter, and you can meet Joe and Ashley in person on Google+.

So going back to that forum poll I linked to – should there really be such a thing as separate tech for men and women? Or is it about creating customisable technology that will work for everyone?