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Thanks to a massive bundle of new wireless charging accessories from Nokia it now seems so last century! And it’s not just charging that these brilliant bits of gear can do: they excel at looking great, too, and we can even get music as part of the package. It’s clear to us here at Nokia Conversations that we couldn’t live without our wireless beauties anymore, but we’re still debating over which of them is the best of the best. Can you help? Here’s the five contenders…

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-601

The baby sister (or brother, if you like) of the DT-900, is so light and easy to carry we like to take it anywhere and everywhere. It feels soft to the touch and looks like a lollipop, and you can pick the colour to match or complement your devices. Mine’s yellow, like my Lumia, but you might prefer the blue, bright red, black or white. Compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard, the DT-601 works in harmony with all your other wireless charging gear. It plugs into any USB port and has a LED light to tell you when your phone’s on it properly and powering up.


Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

If you like things a bit bigger, you might prefer the one and original DT-900. It’s also gorgeous with the same beautiful range of colours, but its design is minimalist rather than candy cute. Place your phone on it and it’s almost unnoticeable – it’s as if the two were magically melded together. Apart from looks, the features we’ve come to love here are the LED light to indicate your phone’s fully charged and the automatic shut-off when charging’s completed. And, of course, the ultimate convenience in charging. This one lives next to my bed.

Nokia Lumia 920 with DT-900

Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder

Oh, no, shall I plug in my navigator or my phone charger? Well, with the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder CR-200 you can forget about that dilemma. We adore it, because it charges our phone while we focus on getting safely and easily from A to B. Its suction cup is super powerful, so it doesn’t fall off the dashboard at a crucial moment. What’s more, it’s got NFC, so you just tap to start Car App, with time, weather and shortcuts to Nokia Music, Here Drive, or whichever three apps are up your street.


JBL Powerup Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia

If you’re a music lover, there’s no competition. The fabulously good-looking JBL Powerup Wireless Charging Speaker keeps the beats going all night long, because your phone never runs out of power when placed on top of it. In fact, you’re likely to get tired first! Stream fun-tastic tunes from Nokia Music with Bluetooth or NFC, while enjoying amazing sound quality thanks to JBL’s acoustics expertise. What we also cherish about this one is the fact that we can pick our phone up to take a call or send an SMS, and the music just goes on and on…


Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy

Time for a power nap? You won’t find a comfier place for your phone to recharge its batteries than the Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow. Brightly coloured and casually stylish, it goes perfectly with Fatboy designer furniture. So, just lay your phone on the charging pillow, plunge into your beanbag, and have a matching rest with your Nokia device! If you like to take it easy, this is the one to vote for.


The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand might not be as chilled as the Fatboy, but if you want a wireless charging option that’s practical with a capital P, this is the one. Not only does it prop your device vertically, but it also features NFC. This makes it super simple to see when a call comes in, alarm goes off or a new text message arrives. To launch an app using NFC, just go to Nokia Accessories listed under Settings. Alarm clock anyone?

Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Wireless Charging Stand DT-910


It’s a tough choice as ever, but it’s time to make up your mind and cast your votes below. By the time the results are ready, we promise we’ll take our pick, too. In the meantime, if you’re ready to go public with your favourite, let us know which one’s got that special place in your heart and why. As ever, we look forward to reading your comments.

Which Nokia Gear wireless charging accessory do you love best?