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Admit it, we all have fantasies about being a super hero. Some of us dream of being Superman, or Ironman, or perhaps the Caped Crusader himself.

What if you could be the Dark Knight? And, what if you could be that tormented hero for less than half price? Wouldn’t you want to give it a go?

Well, maybe you don’t need to go to the same level of that fellow in the video. But, you could assume the role of Batman in the Xbox game The Dark Knight Rises from Gameloft that is now on sale for less than half of its normal price in the Windows Phone Store. Normally $6.99, you can pick up this visually engrossing – almost cinematic – game where you are the Batman for only $2.99. It is one of three Red Stripe Deals in Windows Phone Store.

The game is a huge download (773 MB file) – make sure you are on a Wi-Fi signal worthy of the Bat Cave before you try to add this game to your Lumia phone. But once you do, you will be oh-so-glad you did.


As soon as you begin, you are whisked away to the dark and foreboding world of Batman, where danger – and bad guys – are around every corner. There is a detailed story line that is worth following (although you can skip through the narrative if you want to just get to the good stuff), and then there is the fighting, soaring, flying – did we mention fighting? You take out the criminals with swift blows and kicks using Batman’s own personal style of justice, and earn points and achievements for your hard work. If needed, there are some useful “hints” tucked away in the Help section of the game.

For anyone who has ever dreamed of donning the persona of an original super hero, The Dark Knight Rises is the place to start. Mask, cape and really cool crime-fighting boots optional.