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The Nokia 108 is packed with features and comes with a small price tag.

To find out which of those features you like the most we asked you to participate in a fun and informal poll. The poll has  closed and it’s time to look at how you voted.

For the voting, we listed 10 different features and asked you to select just three – we couldn’t have you selecting everything, could we?

Securing 18 per cent of your votes was distinctive Nokia design. It’s not surprising, as Nokia has always designed products that stand out from the crowd. The latest designs all have similar colours such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and many more vibrant colours across the range and the Nokia 108 fits neatly into the whole product portfolio.


Price always plays a massive part in anyone’s purchasing decisions, and having a device cost only USD $29 it’s no wonder price received 17 per cent of your votes.

For many, carrying around two phones with two different SIM cards in it is a bit of a hassle and one extra phone to remember not to lose. Fortunately the Nokia 108 comes in a dual-SIM version to allow people to consolidate their mobile accounts into one device with 13 per cent voting it as their favourite feature.

So, that’s your top three favourite features of the Nokia 108. See for yourself how the remaining seven scored below.


Are you surprised by the results? Let us know in the comments section below.