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Behind the scenes, we’re working on a new design for Nokia Conversations. We aim to move over to the new look in about a week, but thought we’d share a sneak preview in advance.

We’re pretty excited about the changes and look forward to our modern new design.

But let’s take a moment to explain why this is happening.

Why are we changing?

There are three reasons:

  1. Nokia’s main site has been redesigned recently, and we want to reflect its fresh, modern look (though adapt it so it’s better suited for blog content). It makes sense for Nokia’s different sites to look like they’re all part of the same family, after all.
  2. The current site was mainly designed for larger screens. On mobiles and tablets, it doesn’t work as well (as you may have noticed). We aim to make the new version fully responsive, adapting the content dynamically to suit different screen sizes.
  3. The blog has grown bigger in the last year as we’ve welcomed HERE, Nokia Gear, Nokia Connects and Nokia at Work to join the global blog. More space is needed for all the great content produced by our extended family of editors, and we think the new blog will help us with that.

Anything else?

We might break the site a bit while the updates are in progress. And you might find more broken things in the first few weeks. Sorry! We promise that we’ll get everything working as soon as possible.