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One of the best things about photography on your Nokia Lumia is that your photographs can automatically be backed up to SkyDrive.

No wires, no messing around, with your images stored safely in the cloud for when you want to view or edit them. There’s a lot more you can do to get the best out of SkyDrive, however. Read on to find out more.


For a start, you can change the quality of images that get uploaded to SkyDrive. Open Settings and then tap ‘Backup’. Click ‘Photos’ and you can ensure your photographs are safely backed up to SkyDrive and change the image quality. You can also open the menu directly from your photographs folder – simply open ‘Camera roll’ or one of the other folders, click the menu button at the bottom, and tap ‘SkyDrive settings’.

From this menu, you can choose from three different photograph options: ‘Don’t upload’, ‘Good quality’ and ‘Best quality’. If you select Good quality, your photographs will be updated regularly via your mobile phone connection.


Because the Best quality images are larger in file size, they need to be uploaded via Wi-Fi, so you should only select this option if you frequently connect to wireless networks, or if you don’t mind photographs being backed up less regularly.

Once you know your photographs are being backed up to SkyDrive, there’s a lot more you can do from itself. Log into your account, and from the menu on the left select ‘All photos’.

Tap a photograph you want to know more about, and you’ll see lots of different information on the right-hand side of the page. In addition to your Microsoft Live account, you can log into Skype, Facebook and Google accounts from SkyDrive, and this means you’ll also be able to tag your friends in your photographs.

Under the ‘People’ tab on the right hand side of the screen, click ‘tag’ to start tagging people you know in your photograph. As with Facebook, simply aim the cursor at their face, click to select, and then press ‘done’ when you’re finished tagging.


It’s possible to choose from different privacy settings for your SkyDrive images, so all your friends can view particular photographs that you’ve uploaded. You can also choose to share the image link with a single or several people, keeping the photograph otherwise private.


Right clicking on an image gives you more options, including the ability to download the photograph to your computer, You’ll also find the following features: View original, Rotate, Share photo, Embed, Delete, Move to, Copy to and View folder.