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October 11, 2013

MVC award September!

Another Month in the Nokia World (no pun intended) has passed and we are gathered here today to recap on September’s nominations for our 3rd Nokia Connects MVC award. This has been an outstanding month and it seems like the quality of submissions and showing of passion is increasing with each passing day, if that is even possible! Dávid Detkó – Amazing Nokia photography  David Detko Nokia Lumia 1020 There’s really not much that can be said about Hungarian photographer David Detko, his photographs simply never fail to knock us off our feet. He’s a handsome lad too! If you haven’t yet, I beg you to take a long look at David’s Nokia portfolio, and if you need some photography tips of your own, I’m sure he’ll be happy to help.

Awesh – World’s smallest clay Lumia?

MVC Awesh

This cute little piece of creativity by Awesh shows a miniscule clay Lumia. And we love it!

Polturtle – Some of the best handmade Nokia creations we have seen

MVC Polturtle

This is not the first time John Paul Lozano has been nominated for his creative work, and hopefully it won’t be the last! His latest creation is an absolute marvel, titled: The Game of the Champions. It’s a bespoke Nokia board game made where the pieces are Nokia phones made out of paper. At first glance it looks like chess… but John Paul has created a few unique rules of his own when you lose a piece to make things more interesting. Read all about it on his blog as well as all of his other amazing creations!

Finally onto our winner – Rudy Huyn

6sec 9Gag 6tag Wikipedia

Overall the judges concluded that Rudy Huyn be the winner of the September MVC award, and who can argue? The self-confessed Windows Phone addict has created a number of outstanding applications, most notable the ones above (6sec, 6tag, 9gag and Wikipedia) for everybody using a Nokia Lumia to enjoy, and this contribution to the Windows Phone ecosystem and Nokia community is truly a great effort and deservedly Rudy takes home the award this month. Congratulations! Please join me in congratulating Rudy in the comments section and don’t forget to nominate amazing people in the Nokia Community for the October MVC award!

  • Send a tweet to @Nokia_Connects with the url to the piece you are nominating + the #NokiaConnectsMVC hashtag (for images, videos or tweets)
  • Send an email to Paul with the title “#NokiaConnectsMVC nomination” (for anything that requires more explanation or back story)