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James Vertisan is the Architect and CEO at Shotly – one of the world’s biggest golfing apps.

In addition to designing apps for Windows Phone, James also owns a Nokia Lumia 1020, and we’ve been talking to him to find out what he likes most about it.

Talking about the Nokia Lumia 1020, James explains: “I love the ‘zoom after’ capabilities with the Lumia 1020. I’m a picture buff, so I’m constantly taking photos and editing them. 41 megapixels gives me incredible flexibility to crop, rotate, and change ratios.”

It’s not just photographs either, with James taking full advantage of the accessories on offer for the Lumia 1020: “Wireless charging is an absolute must for me. I’m constantly on the phone or using my device; it’s imperative that I can put it down and charge without fiddling with a cable. I can burn down a battery like nobody’s business.”

Here, James talks us through his Start Screen.


What apps and features do you need to have at the top of your start screen?

“The top of my Start Screen is a real-time information hub for everything I need to know to keep my company running smoothly. The top row is all about my primary communications. I use the People Hub to reach out to countless people every day. I also give my music library a top billing on my start screen.”

“When I sit down and start coding next generation stuff to change the world… I need my music! Also ‘above the fold’ on my Start Screen is Tasks by Telerik. My time is maximized every day and I don’t usually have a minute to spare, so task management is key to my productivity.”

“I also have some secondary mail accounts on my start screen that give me a visual cue how our customer service team is doing at the moment. The app I probably use the most is the one with the magenta tile; that’s an internal app that provides a complete dashboard about our apps, customers, sales, hosting equipment, and everything else. I call it ‘Jarvis’.”


What apps do you use when you’re bored?

“I don’t really get bored. I’m so busy all the time that I only have 1-2 minutes max at any one time. So, I will check-in with the USA Today app and read a quick news article. If the articles are stale, I’ll move on to the Bing News app, or lastly Weave.”

What’s the last app you paid for?

“I have no idea what app I last paid for. I constantly buy apps in search for design and functionality inspiration.”

Which app is your guilty pleasure?

“Well I don’t play any games, which goes back to my lack of free time. Hmmm, guilty pleasure; that’s a tough one. I have to say my guilty pleasure is the rare opportunity to power off my phone and disconnect from the digital world!”