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We’ve featured a run of product and technology based blogs in recent weeks, so it’s high time we showcased a blog that’s less about the tech itself and more about what it can do. Please offer up a perfectly framed, beautifully lit and aesthetically pleasing round of applause for this week’s Blog Star, The Mobile Photography Blog.

What is it?

It’s a user fed gallery, blog and forum focused purely on photography and video shot with phones and tablets. In their words, it’s a space where “anyone can share their photos taken with any mobile device and are welcome to share their photo taking experiences, tips, favorite apps and learn more about mobile photography.”


Who runs it?

The guys behind The Mobile Photography Blog identify (slightly elusively) as “Jonas, Fis and The Professor, three long-time friends coming from a background in the mobile phone industry.” The mysterious three reveal nothing else about themselves other than a shared passion for mobile technology, particularly the opportunities made possible by the dramatic evolution of cameras in smartphones.

What we love about it

We love how it works. It’s all about user contributions, a platform for mobile photographers to feature and get feedback on their work. You just check out the rules, sign up, then start posting. Simple. Many images are commented on and the best are showcased in their blog. But more on that in a sec.

While the website is mostly about the images themselves, it’s worth checking out other parts of the forum. Mobile Photography Techniques has a selection of handy tips and tutorials, covering specific topics like shooting panoramas as well as general guidance.

And we love the numbers. In August, the website celebrated its first birthday (congrats). To mark the occasion they shared a few numbers from their first year: 190 members uploaded 2,305 photographs which were viewed 428,824 times by more than 15,000 unique visitors who commented 4,503 times from 146 different countries. Like.

What’s its stand out feature?

By far the best thing about The Mobile Photography Blog has to be the photography. Go figure. I guess the clue was in the title. Whether or not you sign up and start posting your own images, it’s well worth getting lost in the gallery for a while. You can view their most recent uploads or their top rated – but I most enjoyed exploring it in random mode, clicking through to the member profiles of photographs that caught my eye.

The blog is where you’ll find the Photo of the Day – the real cream of the crop. It’s an incredible selection – from the breathtakingly big and the breathtakingly small to the naturally delicate and the naturally quirky.


Hooking up beyond the blog

You can find The Mobile Photography Blog on Twitter and Facebook, but actually, there’s no need to stray too far into Social Media Land. The really good stuff happens on the website itself, because it’s all about you as photographer and letting your images shine. In Jonas, Fis and The Professor’s words, “if you also have the same passion for mobile photography, please join us, spread the word and share all your photos.”

The Mobile Photography Blog is a niche but growing online photography community. Where do you share your images? Do you upload to open websites like this, or just to your own online networks? Or do you prefer to keep all your visual masterpieces offline?

Image credit: DanielKhc