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Recently we published a list of top tips for Nokia Asha Touch owners. If you own a non-touch Asha phone like the Nokia Asha 205, you’ll need to get to know a different set of features, so read on to find out all you need to know.

Organise the menu

We all use apps and settings differently, depending on what’s important to us. With this in mind, Nokia has made it easy to customise your menu, putting the options you care about exactly where you want them.

To customise the menu, open it and tap the left selection key – titled ‘Options’ – at the bottom of the screen. Press ‘Organise’, and then it’s simply a case of highlighting the icons and apps you want to move, and moving them. Once the icon is where you want it, press the centre button for ‘OK’, and then press the right selection key – ‘Done’.


Change themes

Changing the theme on your Nokia Asha can give it a completely different look. Open the menu and press ‘Settings’, and then press ‘Themes’. Click ‘Select themes’ to choose from the options already on your phone. Changing the theme will change the entire colour scheme.

You can also download more themes; just tap ‘Theme Downloads’, ‘Nokia’, and then select the different themes you want from the Nokia Store.

Assign shortcuts to buttons

The navigation button on phones like the Nokia Asha 205 also launches different applications or features – such as tapping left to create a new message, or right to open the calendar. It’s easy to change these shortcuts to suit your needs.


Open the menu, and press ‘Settings’. Scroll down until you see ‘My shortcuts’. It’s then simply a case of clicking ‘Navigation key’ and selecting the apps or features you want to open when you press a particular direction.

Shortcuts for left and right selection keys

You can also change the shortcuts for the left and right buttons under the screen on your Nokia Asha. Once again open the menu, click ‘Settings’ and ‘My shortcuts’, but this time tap ‘Left selection key’ and ‘Right selection key’.

All of these shortcuts only work when you’re on the homescreen; when you’re in the menu and want to use the navigation button or keys under the display, you’ll find they work as regular buttons for working your way around the phone.


Create a backup

Because your Nokia Asha goes everywhere with you, it makes sense to make a backup of all your contact details and everything else that’s important. Open ‘Settings’, and scroll down to ‘Sync and backup’. Press ‘Create a backup’ and you’ll be able to save settings, contact details, messages, bookmarks, calendar details, image and gallery files and apps and games. Tick or untick any of the boxes to choose what you want to back up, and then tap ‘done’ to save your backup to a memory card.

Change tones and vibrate settings

Changing the ringtone is a great way to personalise your Nokia Asha, and it’s easy to do. Open the menu, tap ‘Settings’ and then open ‘Tones’. If you have your own music on the phone and want to use it as a ringtone, press ‘Ringtone’ and scroll right through the options until you get ‘Open gallery’. Select it, open the music folder and then pick the song you want. Open the ringtones folder to select from a variety of pre-installed ringtones.

Under Tone settings, you’ll also be able to change the volume for your ringtone, turn vibrating alerts on or off, and change other settings such as keypad tones.


Download apps

Want to add more games, apps or themes to your Nokia Asha? It’s easy to do using the Nokia Store. Open the menu, press ‘Store’ and then select apps by category or search by name. To download, simply select the app you want, press OK, and follow the instructions onscreen. (Do keep in mind that this requires access to the Web, and may involve data usage charges from your carrier.)

Turn on Bluetooth

To use Bluetooth on your Nokia Asha, press ‘Settings’, ‘Connectivity’ and then ‘Bluetooth’. Press right or left to turn it on or off. To pair with another device, open ‘Paired devices’ and then click ‘Add new device’. Once your Nokia Asha has found your other Bluetooth device, select it, and then confirm that the code matches on both devices.


Add a calendar entry

To add a new entry on your Nokia Asha’s calendar, all you need to do is press the left selection key – ‘Options’ – and then ‘Add new entry’. It really is that simple. You can then choose from a reminder, meeting, call, birthday or anniversary.

Delete old apps

Your applications are stored under the ‘Apps’ section on your Nokia Asha. To delete an item, open ‘Apps’, press ‘My apps’ and then scroll down to the one you want to remove. Once it’s highlighted, press the left selection key – ‘Options’ – and then press ‘Delete’. Done.