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Many pioneering organisations are realising the power and importance of technology to elevate their employees potential and gain the advantage over their competition.

Some are giving their people the devices and software they need, but others are going further and actually building custom enterprise apps. Nokia is supporting many organisations in the development of their own internal apps, software, and systems.

One excellent example is the case of Foxtons, a UK estate agent.

Foxtons needed a device that would work seamlessly with their existing Microsoft systems and improve internal communication between employees, so they deployed more than 900 devices to its workforce, specifically, the Nokia Lumia 820.

Another factor in the decision to switch was the ability to build custom enterprise apps. Foxtons’ in-house development team was already familiar with developing applications in the Microsoft Windows environment and is now deploying its own apps for the Nokia Lumia 820

“With many staff moving across departments and locations, keeping an accurate, up-to-date contact list is a challenge for all of us. We’ve developed an app integrating our personnel system with our active directory and phone system so all the information is accurate and can be accessed directly from our agents’ Nokia Lumia 820s. It’s a great timesaver and an asset for the team,” said Dan Rafferty, IT Director at the company.

Another example of excellent corporate integration of technology is the Dutch organisation Bureau Jeugdzorg (BJZ) Limburg which provides social workers for children in need of supervision.

As its social workers need to stay very mobile in every sense of the word, keeping up with the pace of the children on their schedule, being tethered to a desk is obviously out of the question. There was a clear need to source constantly updated information for all of their field agents.

Like Foxtons, BZJ Limburg turned to Nokia for a smart technological solution that would let them provide their staff with specialize enterprise apps.

One such app developed by BJZ, gives employees access to a section of their client monitoring system, so they can access accurate, comprehensive information on clients at any time. Another personalised feature routes all calls through BJZ’s own exchange, cutting costs and meaning calls can be taken by operators if a social worker is unavailable.

And naturally, Nokia has its own enterprise apps too, including:

  • Nokia Meet – this lets you booking meetings and meeting rooms on the go. You can check the availability of a meeting room by scanning a QR code.
  • Nokia Approve – this app lets managers approve and reject travel requests, expense reports and other requests or tasks from their phones, wherever they are.
  • Nokia News – for keeping up with important internal news.
  • Nokia Report – quick and easy access to key information, real-time, anywhere and anytime.

Does your business use enterprise apps? Have you got a great idea for an app your company could build? Tell us about it.

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