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Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with a different hairstyle but are too afraid to actually change it up? We all eventually fall into comfortable steadiness with our personal style and it’s a little intimidating to think about doing something different.


With the new Stylist app for use on your Nokia Lumia, you can keep your hair and restyle it, too.

Using Stylist, you take a photo of yourself and place different hair colors, cuts, and overall looks straight onto your own head!

The app has a really easy-to-follow interface, with additional options to easily upload a previous photo or to use a model photo the app provides to see the different styles. I recommend using your own so you can see which styles best frame your face.

Once you’ve snapped a photo of yourself, move the picture to fit your face on the screen. After you’re satisfied, hit the check mark to move onto your new, fabulous hair selections.


For $1.99 (USD), you can play with nearly 270 different hairstyles. Not quite ready for the full purchase? You can download the trial version, where there are 24 hairstyles available: six long, six medium, six short, and six men’s styles, with the ability to change to over 100 different hair colors.

I’ve always had long hair and have never been too adventurous with it. I thought it would be fun (or maybe just funny) to see what I would look like with shorter, edgier hair. Let’s just say I’ll stick to my long locks for now, but I will certainly consult the Stylist the next time I’m looking to ramp things up. Give it a whirl! (Or maybe a curl.)

Alicia is our latest writer on Conversations, joining our North American team. Look forward to more from her in the near future!