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October 21, 2013

Mobile Photo Day – in pictures

This year marked a renaissance in mobile photography. Camera phones – like the Lumia 1020 – entered the marketplace, rivaling large, expensive DSLRs in both picture quality and manual photo capabilities.

These pocket-size devices — which take stunning pictures and have been adopted by everyone from photojournalists to amateur photographers —truly define the depth and versatility of mobile photography.

To celebrate the coming of age of mobile photography, Nokia officially declared October 20th International Mobile Photography Day, challenging accomplished photographers and novice picture-takers alike around the world to spend the day capturing “Life Unexpected” images with their cameraphones, including Lumia 1020s. We were both surprised and delighted by the swift response to this first-ever day, and inspired by the thousands of photos pouring in from Morocco to Manhattan, from New Mexico to New Delhi.

Armed with cameraphones, people put their passion to work, some using the Lumia 1020 with the Nokia Pro Camera app to adjust shutter speed, white balance, focus, ISO, and aperture settings, enabling them to tailor each “Life Unexpected” photo to perfectly fit their subject and surrounding landscape. They then shared images on Twitter and Facebook, tagged with #1020MobilePhotoDay.

Thousands of photos have poured in to date, from passionate mobile shooters, including professional snapshots from renowned Associated Press photographers Casey Rodgers (Los Angeles), Scott Gries (New York), Victoria Will (Washington, DC), and Joel Ryan (London).

You can view the photos at a glance through this tag board:

And here is a video with a few of our favorite shots from the inaugural International Mobile Photography Day.